Jello Iced Drinks

Thai iced tea is one of my favorite drinks.  I wanted to see if I could make a jello shot variant.  The ice cubes started out white and became completely clear by the next day.  The ice cubes were poured into a flat pan and cut up after they set.  I then put them in the freezer to harden and added them to the thai tea once it was almost completely set.  The thai tea was made by simmering a lot of loose Thai tea leaves in water then straining it.  This was incredibly delicious and I am sure to make other tea variants in the future.

Ice Cubes

  • Bacardi 151
  • Unflavored gelatin

Thai Tea

  • Thai Tea
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • Water
  • Unflavored gelatin

The Rum and Coke was actually pretty gross.  The difference between drinking Coke and eating Jello Coke is quite profound.  It is easier for our taste buds to absorb a liquid than a solid-ish mass.  The result was bland and flavorless.  It would have been improved by using Coke syrup or something more concentrated.  Also, Diet Coke was a mistake.

  • Rum ice cubes (see above)
  • Diet Coke (use Coke syrup if you can find it)
  • Unflavored gelatin